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Here, you can purchase many things in our server such as ranks, items and money. Donations not only help the server grow and keep the experience fun, but also helps you become stronger and have a funner time on our server. Donations help keep the server online, and lets us add new features to the server.


* Payment Methods

We have two payment methods that you can use to donate for items.

1. PayPal:
If you would like to make a purchase using your paypal balance or bank account please select: PayPal

2. PaymentWall:
PaymentWall contains more than 1 payment methode. PaymentWall contains the following payment methodes: Credit Card, Prepaid Cards, iDeal, Paysafecard, Bank transfers, MINT and mobile payments.


* Problems with donating?

Do you have an issue with your donation?  Donations can take up to 15 minutes to be processed by our system. If you have any other issue feel free to contact us.
When entering in your username, make sure it's case-sensitive. And you must be online during the purchase!
If you buy something in the store, this means you accept the payment agreement.


* Name change

Since today (4-2-2015) it is possible to change the username of your premium minecraft account. If you want to keep your items, ranks and other stuff we strongly recommend not to do this. We do not (yet) support name changes, like many other cracked servers we therefore strongly recommend to not use this function until it is supported.


See you on CombatNetwork

~ Team CombatCraft

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